What is "SEJUSTRISCH" ?  +++++ Here is the source and meaning of the word "SEJUSTRISCH"+++++ Sejustrisch is a word formed and given by Josie Bernales (www.josie-bernales.de) during the hardest part of her life as an Artist. Her great Trials in the world of Music has directed her to seeking GOD'S WISDOM until she thought of forming this word (Sejustrisch) from a NAME that she loves and cherishes most. She made it her Music Label and mark of identity. Josie Bernales basically refers the word "Sejustrisch" to Human Innerpower and Strength to develope positive attitudes. It is a word representing love, peace, faith, light, strenght, power, comfort, happiness, inner beauty and forgiveness. It also refers to Love for nature. It resembles gift of Humility, Kindness, generosity, compassion, broadmindedness and righteousness. Sejustrisch carries and imparts the message of "LOVING FOR ENEMIES" which is the greatest and most effective way to prevent WARS and POVERTY. The word "SEJUSTRISCH" was formed through the Inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT and it introduces LOVE because it derives from the greatest, loveliest and sweetest Name "JESUS CHRIST".
SEJUSTRISCH word also embraces wisdom, educational views, poetry and arts.